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The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.
— Pablo Piccaso

Web in the Fog

Photo by Jonmikel.

Webs in the Fog

Photo by Jonmikel.

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The 1895 Harris-Corliss tandem compound steam engine at the Owls Head Transportation Museum getting ready to face the day. Yes, it works.


Enjoying the early morning quiet at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.


What's another 8" of snow on top of the other 50" we've gotten since January 29? Bring it on, winter.


After dealing with grad school crap most of the weekend, tonight calls for mojitos and Jimmy Buffett.


Toboggan! At the U.S. National Toboggan Championships in Camden, Maine.


Who wants to go faster?


Snowed-in Sunset on my way home from work. Fifth snowstorm in 10 days. Because Maine!


Oh you know, just taking the 1926 Model T snowmobile out for a spin at work. No big deal.


Snowy day on the coast of Maine.


Nooooooope. Not going back outside.


Our car died, so instead of dropping in on friends in Union, we headed to The Strand (a 1920s movie theater) in downtown Rockland to watch the Superbowl (commercials).


My job offers so many reasons to get up and get to work early... today, they ran the Model T snowmobile in the fresh snow. Only, I didn't make it to work until later. So I only saw the aftermath.


This is what happens when you leave OHTM employees to their own devices... we end up test-driving our 1958 BMW Isetta!


Getting the Model T Snowmobile ready to be mobile in the snow!


Winter in Maine. The Way life should be.


Snow day!


Wine? Check. Pad Thai? Check. Archer? Check. Warm socks? Check. Major FitzHugh? Check. Husband? Check. Ready for Snowpocalypse Maine.


But why not Zoidbeer? Stopping for a pint at Hop Alley Brew Pub in Alpharetta, Georgia.


Exploring the Georgia Mountains. Did you know that there are actually breweries in rural Georgia?!?!


Rain Golf Carting Rampage Selfie... and bonus Muppet face.


Stopping to pay homage at St. Mary's Steeple in Athens, Georgia, the location of the very first R.E.M. performance back on April 5, 1980.

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Vintage Style Light Bulbs!


We said no shenanigans, Thorndike Apartments. None. Zip. Zero. But this looks like shenanigans. WTF.


Vintage suitcase. Wish I were on my way to Luxembourg.


Glacier Ice Bar at Enoteca Lounge in the Samoset Resort, Rockport, Maine.


In the mail today, I received the India vintage travel poster I custom made from one of my photos.


Hangin' in the Crow's Nest at Cappy's Chowder House in Camden, Maine.


Staring down a 1903 Mercedes Simplex Tourer at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.


Why yes, I do like my German chocolate filled with Germany brandy.


This is what happens when I have two (very generous) glasses of wine and try to be creative.


Bye bye Christmas tree. Until next year.


Sunrise on Penobscot Bay. Looking out from Belfast, Maine.


A Standard Oil oil wagon at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.


Cleaning out back closets and forgotten archives. Found a stack of pre-1945 "Restricted" aircraft and air warfare magazines.


Negatives temperatures don't deter us hardy winter folk from heading out to watch the sunrise over the sea smoke.


The first thing I accomplished in 2015 was this Edward Gorey puzzle that I got for Christmas. Not a bad start.


A 1955 Jaguar XK140 for my in laws. And a chrome-painted 1913 Stevens-Duryea Tourer for good measure.


Drinking beer while brewing beer. We're tackling VandalEyes PA, a recipe direct from Wil Wheaton himself.


Antique bicycles in storage at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.


A cold, foggy day at Maine Eastern Railroad.


A 1925 Harley Davidson Model JD at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.


The low here in Rockland, Maine, on January 7/8 was -9 F. So there's that.

Same scene, two different cameras. It’s amazing what a quality lens will do…

Jonmikel on Table Rock

My version...

On Top of the World

Aaaaaand Jonmikel's version...

We spent a weekend in Bethel, ME, exploring the White Mountains and taking some early-winter hikes along the Appalachian Trail.  Saw our first snow of the season on November 11. Better late than never, Maine. Better late than never…


When we left Wyoming to move to Maine, everyone said something along the lines of, “Well, I guess you’re trading in mountains for ocean!”

Millinocket Lake Camping Trip

Looking Up to Katahdin from Lake Millinocket

But judging from what I’ve seen, I traded in mountains for more mountains AND an ocean! And some lakes and rain and trees and fog and rolling hills and lobstah…

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We took a lovely Sunday drive (how quaint!) down the peninsula to Port Clyde, a small village on the southern bit. Small as in, a fishing port and a restaurant/bar. Some nice houses full people trying to escape the bustle of the Maine coast in summertime. And at the very end, guiding boats into the protected harbors, is the Marshall Point Light Station.

Our 2nd "Forrest Gump's Run" location this year... @ Marshall Point Light Station

Marshall Point Light Station

Recognize it? You should. It’s the East Coast terminus of Forrest Gump’s cross-country run. Yes, *that* lighthouse. We found it by accident, really, driving around the back roads after having a beer at The Black Harpoon (a great fishermen’s bar, if you’re interested).