We Feast!

For the next month, I am joining in the fun over at BootsnAll and writing for the 30 Days of Indie Travel? Each day, they give you a prompt that you can interpret however creatively or practically as you want.

Mounted Patrol

#11: FEAST – For some of us, food isn’t just a part of our travels, it’s the reason why we travel. Whether you travel the globe to try new foods and use food to form a deeper connection with the culture or just eat to live, food plays a big part in the travel experience. Share a food-related story from your travels or describe your best meal.
Through the looking glass...
We spent last Thanksgiving in New Orleans specifically because we don’t eat enough seafood in Wyoming. There can never be enough seafood in our lives in the mountains, and there is no such thing as “too many oysters.” We dragged my family (countering our Wyoming with a little Ohio and Vermont) down to Louisiana for our annual get together and based the entire vacation around food and drink. We hit up the local breweries, the best places to get Pimm’s cups, every place that reported to have the best and/or cheapest oysters in town; we peeled crawfish until our fingers reeked of the Mississippi and we drank enough hurricanes to humble Katrina.
All in a Row
And we heard amazing jazz…
The House Band
…and saw some amazing architecture…
Place d'Armes
…and experienced the passion of the city, all because we are dedicated foodies.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop

Inside the Blacksmith's Shop

My aunt lived in New Orleans for many years before succumbing to cancer, and every time I go, I am reminded of her spirit and ferocity, and every oyster I shuck is for her.
One Way


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  1. Mary Furness says:

    I’ve never been to NOLA, as my friend who lives there refers to it, but it is definitely on my list. My husband went for work once, and has wonderful stories! I, too, am a dedicated foodie, which to me means enjoying good food in all it semblances and styles–from a perfectly fried egg in the local diner, to duck a l’orange in an upscale restaurant.
    Yours is a glorious story–enjoy your foodie travels!!

    • Kat says:

      Thanks, Mary! NOLA is such a great foodie destination, with a good mix of popular, touristy places that are actually worth visiting and off-the-beaten trail kinds of places that offer amazing seafood and pretty much everything and anything fried. :-) I hope you get to visit soon!

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