BootsnAll’s Indie Travel Challenge 2012 – Week 1

So this year, because I was so successful (ahem — I balked at the end there…) at the 30 Days of Indie Travel from BootsnAll, I’ve decided to participate in their 2012 Challenge: once a week, they will post a prompt/question/challenge and we, as travelers, interpret them how we will and post something here. While once a day was a little too committal, I think maybe I can manage once a week. Right? Right.

So here, at the birth of a new year, BootsnAll wants us to talk about our travel resolutions, about Planning for 2012. And no, “Travel More” is not acceptable. BootsnAll made their own list, which you can find here: 18 Travel Resolutions to Keep This Year. They’re asking us to interpret those resolutions to fit our own personalities and desires.

For most of my life, I have always been going after the new experiences: the places I’ve never seen, the things I’ve never done, the cultures in which I have never been lost.
Day 258 / 09.15.11
I would always head for that next leap of faith or the leap over the canyon or a leap into a new life. I wanted everything to be new, all the time.
Every trip, every destination was supposed to be something I had never done before.
Opening Ceremony
But starting this year, I would like to try something… new. By trying something I’ve done before.
Burnt Sienna Shores
Both Jonmikel and I have had a lifetime of travel. My family always placed heavy emphasis on traveling, understanding that these unique experiences are essential to raising a world-wise daughter. Jonmikel had a penchant for adventurous road trips and spent his summers visiting his father in Rome, branching from there to Switzerland, Greece and beyond.
Striking Out Alone
When we met, we, too, started journeys of the unknown and un-experienced. All new, all the time.
Day 166 / 06.15.11
But thinking of all the great experiences I have had, and hearing his stories of adventures in Europe, I realize how many experiences we haven’t had together.
Places we’ve never been together. Foods we’ve never eaten together. Customs agents we’ve never wigged out together.
Fog over North Bridge
In 2012, I want to start going back to places I’ve been, only now I will go with him, seeing the old with his eyes, with my new eyes. I want to take him to India and Ireland…
Sunrise at the Taj Mahal
… and I want him to take me to Athens and the Matterhorn. Places we’ve seen before but never as who we are today, together.


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  1. Dad says:

    Okay, so we’re to blame! ;-)

  2. Diane Byerly says:

    What gorgeous photos! Take more of these along your journeys together. Can’t wait to see them and read your narrative.

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