Someone Kidnapped the Mountains…! and other short tales

When you live in the middle of Wyoming, your winter getaways generally involve a lot of this:

And when you try to leave Wyoming, you get stuck with a lot of this:

Current view of the Tetons

And this:

Would you ever guess that there are giant mountains hidden behind the wall of snow in each of these images?

Wyoming: you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Usually, by March, with 3 more months of winter left, Wyomingites manage to escape and do this for a week:


But we live in a place like Wyoming so that we don’t have to go far to follow our winter follies. We live here because we like doing this:

Up the Gondola

and this:

Red Canyon Snowshoe
and sometimes this:


and definitely these:

Day 11 / 01.11.11

This is in response to BootsnAll‘s 2012 Indie Travel Challenge, Week 4: When the weather gets cold, do you prefer to head to sunnier locales or do you love the outdoor adventures or off-season prices of winter? Warm or cold, what’s your dream winter travel destination, and do you have any travel plans for the coming months?


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  1. Great to know I’m not the only winter travel lover!

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