Reinventing the Urban Grocery

The 550 square feet that make up Mayberry Foodstuffs near the corner of Seventh and Main in Downtown Cincinnati seem unassuming and, from the outside, a little anti-climactic. Another tiny store in the middle of a major revitalization project in Urban Cincinnati.
Inside Mayberry Grocery
But whatever it is that brings you inside, the old-fashioned feel of the storefront window, the sign outside boasting exotic-sounding sandwiches, the fact that it’s the only place within walking distance where you can get a six-pack of craft beer after 5 pm, whatever lures you in, it will be worth it.
Inside Mayberry Grocery
This small shop is attempting, almost single-handedly, to bring the concept of the “urban grocery” back to the Midwest (walking in, with its antique, Old West attitude, you might think they’re trying to reinvent it, as well!). Inside is a small but eclectic assortment of fresh produce, local meats, wine, craft beer, fresh bread, pour-your-own olive oil, bulk grains and a mix of curried foods and pre-made delicacies, including the city’s famous goetta. There are necessities, too – milk, eggs, toilet paper, shampoo, soap. They make deli sandwiches all day and are open later than most other businesses in the still not-yet-there Downtown Cincinnati: 10 pm.
Inside Mayberry Grocery
Check them out if you’re in or around Downtown, or if you suddenly find yourself to be an urban dweller in need of an obscure spice or ingredient, or if perhaps your dog is in need of a tasty treat (made by Pet Wants, located in Findlay Market).

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