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Who has two thumbs and learned how to drive a 1914 Ford Model T today? This girl.


Baseball and boring books about the Civil War. Two of Jonmikel's favorite things!


Evening at the docks in Rockland, Maine.


The view from our window is looking a little more Spring-like today!


Event season at the Owls Head Transportation Museum is almost here!


Obey Giant! Out and about in Portland after oncology visits for Jonmikel.


Uninspired today. On an unrelated note, the ceiling lights in the bedroom are a 50s kind of ugly.


Trying out the new restaurant in town, Comida.


Welcome back to Maine.


Saying goodbye to the view from our house in St. Lucia.


View from the top: Looking out over St. Lucia from the top of Gros Piton.


Sunset at Sugar Beach.


Looking out over Gros Islet and Rodney Bay from Pigeon Island.


St. Lucia. A proper Champagne Thursday.

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Bumpah stickahs. The crinkled bit on the left is the last remnants of our Conch Republic Flag. Time to invest in another one.


Doin' a little pre-St. Patrick's Day snacking and run into a bar buddy with a badass stein that he picked up when he visited Closter Schlögl in Austria.


A 1935 Stout Scarab, a concept car with swivable seats and a card table inside. The future was so bright back in the 30s.


Here we go again! Because Maine.

Bash. If you ever get the chance to see these guys, take it. Immediately. “]365.73

A 1904 steam-powered pumping engine meets a 1918 American LaFrance tractor. It's love at first sight.


Drink Local. Live National.


Cat Butt! I was trying to take a photo of the awesome presents Laura sent me, but Major FitzHugh decided he wanted in on the action.


A 1933 MG L1 Continental Coupe as seen from the soft top of a 1937 MG VA.


The Fabulous Hudson Hornet of 1951. A favorite of NASCAR fans everywhere.


Showing Wyoming a little love today. And yes, we still have and use our Lander Bar mugs.


Taking in some Maine Restaurant Week at Le Bar in Le Garage in Wiscasset, Maine.


1955 Vincent Black Shadow Series C. Still gives Hunter S. Thompson a shiver...


1933 Packard 10th Series Convertible Sedan. Sploosh.


To the bar!


The SPAD XIIIc.i. I love it because it's just so ostentatious.


Closed for winter break.


Icing on the window.


Bottling our questionable IPA with these ragamuffin bottles...


Caught the ferry on its way out of Rockland Harbor. The sunset was gorgeous, but I didn't have my Scaling-Snow-Bank shoes on, so I just peeked above.


Oil truck to the rescue!


Glamour shots with hot models!


Laissez les bons temps rouler, y'all!


The last stop on our blizzardly-truncated NH final brewery lap.. we'll get the last few next time around!


Impending snow doom in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


Going behind the scenes at Stoneface Brewing Company. I may or may not have been allowed back there.


Guess what I'm having for dinner!


Hey, look what arrived just in time for my swing dance lessons tonight!

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The 1895 Harris-Corliss tandem compound steam engine at the Owls Head Transportation Museum getting ready to face the day. Yes, it works.


Enjoying the early morning quiet at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.


What's another 8" of snow on top of the other 50" we've gotten since January 29? Bring it on, winter.


After dealing with grad school crap most of the weekend, tonight calls for mojitos and Jimmy Buffett.


Toboggan! At the U.S. National Toboggan Championships in Camden, Maine.


Who wants to go faster?


Snowed-in Sunset on my way home from work. Fifth snowstorm in 10 days. Because Maine!

Bored with New Orleans? Been to Bourbon Street and done that?

Take a trip across the Muddy Mississippi to Algiers, Louisiana’s answer to what N’Awlins was 100 years ago. It’s sleepy, it’s full of classic Old Louisiana architecture, it’s quiet, and jazz, booze and good people are still ubiquitous, only without the hustlers and bustlers. There is one wine bar–the highly recommended Vine & Dine–and three *bar* bars on this side of the river: Dry Dock Bar (open most of the day and serving decent pub food), Crown and Anchor English Pub (open at 4, much to our mid-day dismay, though we’ve heard only great things), and the Old Point Bar, our personal favorite. It’s low-key and local, dog friendly and people friendly, a favorite hangout of the neighborhood roller derby team, and well-behaved pups are welcome to join their owners for a drink at the  bar. So really, a win-win-win.

What's your poison, pup?

They also have a brand-new dart board, decent darts, and an OK pool table. And brass bands randomly stop by for entertainment. Because New Orleans.

At the Old Point Bar

Random Brass Band

Don’t let the bar tenders and patrons intimidate you; just smile and be patient, and you’ll be a local in no time, and it’s worth it.

At the Old Point Bar

Playing Darts at the Old Point Bar

The neighborhoods are worth a walk, especially if you love the homes in the Garden District but hate the pretentiousness. Take the regular, quick, and very free ferry from the foot of Canal Street (right next to the Aquarium of the Americas) and watch the skyline of New Orleans unfold before you. A great point to watch the New Year’s Ever fireworks or any other sky-bound event in the Crescent City. Keep in mind that ferries BACK TO the city end after rush hour, and while there is a bridge across the Mississippi, it adds an extra 45 minutes and taxi drivers can be hesitant to make the journey, especially during tourist seasons.

At the Old Point Bar

At the Old Point Bar

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When we left Wyoming to move to Maine, everyone said something along the lines of, “Well, I guess you’re trading in mountains for ocean!”

Millinocket Lake Camping Trip

Looking Up to Katahdin from Lake Millinocket

But judging from what I’ve seen, I traded in mountains for more mountains AND an ocean! And some lakes and rain and trees and fog and rolling hills and lobstah…

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Every day is Buy a Bear a Beer Day in Norway!

Buy a Polar Bear a Beer Day in Norway

Buy a Polar Bear a Beer Day in Norway

Being beer travelers (aka those who plan destinations based on microbreweries to visit), we HAD to stop into the Mack Brewery in Tromsø when we visited in December 2007 (apparently right before the moved operations to Balsfjord). Because it never really got light in this city, nestled in between the mountains and the sea above the Arctic Circle, people started drinking early, as in noon. When we got there at 3 pm, not only was the bar packed to the gills, but we were the only Yanks in sight. Though everyone did get a kick out of our crazy American bear antics. If you go, be prepared for a $16 beer. No joke. And that isn’t the tourist price.