Super Bowl
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Oh you know, just taking the 1926 Model T snowmobile out for a spin at work. No big deal.


Snowy day on the coast of Maine.


Nooooooope. Not going back outside.


Our car died, so instead of dropping in on friends in Union, we headed to The Strand (a 1920s movie theater) in downtown Rockland to watch the Superbowl (commercials).


My job offers so many reasons to get up and get to work early... today, they ran the Model T snowmobile in the fresh snow. Only, I didn't make it to work until later. So I only saw the aftermath.


This is what happens when you leave OHTM employees to their own devices... we end up test-driving our 1958 BMW Isetta!


Getting the Model T Snowmobile ready to be mobile in the snow!